Written by Miranda LaSala Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs are not sworn enemies. In the wild, cats and dogs compete for the same types of prey and generally stay away from each other to avoid conflict. The problem starts when canines and felines are forced to live together and interact without proper training. […] Read more

Ultimate guide to pet freebies

Author Luke Fernandez Everyone loves a good freebie here and there, including your pets. Well, they don’t have to pay for anything as it is, but pet owners enjoy deals and free items for their adorable furballs. It’s hard not to love your four-legged friend (even when they misbehave), and a lot of companies and […] Read more

Image courtesy of Pexels Choosing a pet is choosing a member of your family.  How do you pick when there are so many adorable furry, feathered, and scaly options out there?  Here’s practical advice for making a great selection, and how to transition your new friend into your home.   Household features and factors It’s […] Read more

If you have never taken your dog camping before, you should really give it a try. Like their owners, most dogs love the great outdoors, and there is nothing like an adventure with man’s best friend. Before you hit the trail, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Let your dog […] Read more

6 Different Labels for Your Cat Litter

Whether your switching up your cat litter due to the maintenance, smell or cost, it can take time for your cat to adjust to your new cat litter — our feline friends can be picky! You’ll want to pay close attention to the pros and cons of each type before introducing it your your cat, […] Read more

  From the team at Pawfect Day “Make sure you set up a consultation with your Pet Caregiver before the big day” Our #1 tip for making trips away easier on your cat is to make sure you set up a consultation with your Pet Caregiver before the big day. Cats have so many different personalities […] Read more

Moving Tips for Pawrents – Pawfect Day   Moving to a new house, whether it be in a new city or the same one, can be a lengthy and stressful process. Dogs, cats and other pets can pick up on the stressful energy and mirror it if we’re not careful. They can be unsure as […] Read more

Tips For Getting A Service Dog

There’s a reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend. The interconnectedness of people and dogs extends to hunter-gatherer days. The bond between dogs and us has only become stronger with each subsequent generation. Dogs make the perfect companions in a lot of ways. They’re loyal, attentive and genuinely want to be helpful most […] Read more

Should I Add My Pooch to the Packing List?

Photo By: Pixabay Should I Add My Pooch to the Packing List? The year seems to already be flying by, and before you know it the weather will turn warm, school will be out, and it will be that time of year again – vacation season. Vacations are often a family affair, and as a […] Read more

Dog Winter Safety

Credit to http://www.bmwnyc.com/ […] Read more